Predicting the Future for the QB class

Order is the highest grade from at the top and lowest at the bottom.

Kyler Murray, Oklahoma

He gets drafted #1 by the Cardinals. My gym teacher says commitment is important and Kyler is not commited. After two years running behind the O-Line that allowed Josh Rosen to get sacked 45 times he goes back to the A’s. The Cardinals then fire Kliff Kinsbury, hire Ryan Day and draft Trevor Lawrence.

Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State

After getting drafted by the Giants Haskins sits a couple years in favor of the immortal Eli Manning. After Eli retires in 2023 Haskins wins the job. The Giants spend 600 million on former Patriots Offensive Lineman who morph into D-III walk-ons the minute they leave New England. Haskins gets sacked a 432 times and completes less than 60% of his passes because he’s always pressured. Luckily for him the Giants keep him until he retires in 2045.

Drew Lock, Missouri

John Elway found his next Paxton Lynch.

Daniel Jones, Duke

He was coached by the same guy who coached the Mannings. Jones gets drafted by the Redskins. He leads them to the playoffs in 2019 but then becomes the backup when Alex Smith returns. He’ll be good when he starts but coaches love a game manager QB.

Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

A mobile quarterback who excelled when running. Maybe he should try out as a WR.

Ryan Finley, NC State

If I had to choose a guy that would most likely be Tom Brady’s successor in this draft its this guy.

Will Grier, West Virginia

He thinks that he’s the second coming of Baker Mayfield. He’s out of the league in 3 years.

Clayton Thorson, Northwestern

The next Matt Cassel. The “veteran who knows the system”.

Tyree Jackson, Buffalo

He has a 47.4% completion percentage but throws for 30 touchdowns because he can throw one or two 50+ yard touchdowns with that cannon.

Gardner Minshew, Washington State

This guy goes from project to capable journeyman without doing much. Chase Daniel.

Brett Rypien, Boise State

He played on a blue field. He could be a backup QB god. He’ll be traded to a team with a losing record in Week 7 and lead them to the Super Bowl. He’s next BRADY MANNINGFARVE.

Trace Mcsorley, Penn State

A mobile quarterback who excelled when running. Maybe he should try out as a DB. Wait what?

Kyle Shurmur, Vanderbilt

His dad is the Giants coach. That alone gives him 15+ years in the league.

Easton Stick, North Dakota State

He reminds me of this Carson Wentz guy.

Nick Fitzgerald, Jake Browning, and Jordan Ta’amu,

AAF here we come!


The AB Trade is a Lose-Lose-Lose For Everyone Involved

Yesterday Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown was traded to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for 2019 3rd and 5th round picks. Let’s break down why this trade might be bad for everyone involved.

Why the Steelers lose: They traded arguably the best WR in the NFL for two mid round draft picks. Their asking price went from 1st rounder with other compensation to just a 1st rounder and then to this when they realized they had no leverage left. Now with Brown gone the pressure builds on JuJu Smith-Schuster to carry the passing attack. JuJu will regress because teams will focus on him with Brown gone. If JuJu is double teamed who can Big Ben throw to? The top three options are Vance Mcdonald who had a legendary stiff arm on MNF but not much else, Ryan Switzer who is basicaly Cole Beasley, and James Washington who had 16 catches this year. Expect Big Ben to struggle without his top receiver.

Why Antonio Brown loses: The money isn’t a problem as he now has a 3 year 50 million deal with 34.25 million guaranteed. The problem is the QB he now gets to play with. Derek Carr threw for only 19 touchdowns last year. Big Ben threw for 36. Derek Carr averages 7.3 yards per pass attempt. That’s the same as Alex Smith’s career. AB now goes from a QB who takes too many downfield shots to a (gasp) game manager. Watch AB get triggered around Week 4 when Carr throws a checkdown on 3rd and 13.

Why the Raiders lose: Even though they get an elite receiver they still have massive holes that need to be filled which the 3rd and 5th round picks could have been used to fill. Jon Gruden traded away a young WR (Amari Cooper) and replaced him with an older more expensive WR (Antonio Brown).

Conference Championship Preview

Rams at Saints 3:05 p.m. Eastern

Why the Rams will win: Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson balled out last week against the Cowboys and will run wild. Robert Woods is one of the best receivers in the NFL. Aaron Donald will sack Drew Brees just enough times for the win.

Why the Saints will win: They already beat the Rams once this season. Michael Thomas will shred a secondary that failed to contain Michael Gallup. Drew Brees has more experience than Jared Goff. Also, Home field advantage is key.

Coworker’s prediction: Saints

My prediction: Saints

Patriots at Chiefs 6:40 p.m. Eastern

Why the Patriots will win: Tom Brady magic. Bill Belichick is the best coach of all time and is historically better at managing the clock than Andy Reid. The Patriots have been to the Super Bowl so much it is almost a given that they will represent the AFC again.

Why the Chiefs will win: Patrick Mahomes is already a legend. Arrowhead Stadium is the hardest stadium in the NFL to play in. If the defense plays like it did last week the Patriots don’t stand a chance.

Coworker’s prediction: Chiefs

My prediction: Chiefs

Preventing an Alabama vs. Clemson Final

This Monday we have another CFP final between Alabama and Clemson. What would happen in a world if we used a different type of playoff system?

An 8 team Playoff (After hearing UCF proclaim that they were robbed, the committee decides to go to 8 teams).


1. Alabama vs. 8. UCF Alabama wins this one easily. 2. Clemson vs. 7. Michigan If Michigan had trouble stopping Florida’s run game Travis Etienne would have a day. Clemson wins. 3. Notre Dame vs. 6. Ohio State Notre Dame isn’t good. Ohio State wins. 4. Oklahoma vs. 5. Georgia A close one but Georgia’s defense makes one more stop than Oklahoma’s defense and Georgia wins.


1. Alabama vs. 6. Ohio State Ohio State puts up a fight but the Alabama defensive front forces Haskins to make a couple of costly mistakes late. 2. Clemson vs. 5. Georgia Clemson has more talent and Dabo is a better coach. Clemson wins. Did we end up with an Alabama vs. Clemson final? Of course we did.

A 16 team Playoff without automatic qualifiers (They decided that trying 16 teams would increase a team’s shot at a championship).

Round of 16

1. Alabama vs. 16. West Virginia Alabama wins. 2. Clemson vs. 15. Texas Close game but Clemson prevails. 3. Notre Dame vs. 14. Kentucky Notre Dame is lucky that Kentucky has Tyler Wilson as their starting QB. If they had a good QB it would be another 30-3 debacle. Instead, Kentucky lets them down gently 17-3. 4. Oklahoma vs. 13. Washington State Both teams have good offenses but Kyler is too good. Oklahoma wins. 5. Georgia vs. 12. Penn State Penn State isn’t an elite school according to their own coach. Georgia wins easily. 6. Ohio State vs. 11. LSU Ohio State wins. 7. Michigan vs. 10. Florida Florida already won. 8. UCF vs. 9. Washington Washington’s offense keeps it close because they can’t generate any offense. UCF can’t score against UW’s defense. Low scoring affair but I’ll take Washington.

Quarterfinals 1.

1. Alabama vs. 10. Florida Feleipe Franks doesn’t scare the Alabama secondary. Alabama wins. 2. Clemson vs. 9. Washington Justyn Ross and Tee Higgins will make enough plays for Clemson to win. 3. Notre Dame vs. 6. Ohio State Ohio State will win because of one of their receivers will match up on Donte Vaughn. 4. Oklahoma vs. 5. Georgia Georgia wins.

That gives the same exact semifinals. So we do end up with Alabama v. Clemson.

A 25 Team Playoff (Why not let every ranked team play?)

Round of 24 (Alabama gets a bye)

2. Clemson vs. 25. Boise State This isn’t in Boise so Clemson will win. 3. Notre Dame vs. 24. Iowa State Iowa State is the only Big 12 team with a defense. I will take Hakeem Butler over Donte Vaughn. Iowa State wins. 4. Oklahoma vs. 23. Missouri Missouri lost to OK State so they will lose to OU. 5. Georgia vs. 22. Northwestern Northwestern will keep things close because their zone defense will confuse Jake Fromm. Clayton Thorson doesn’t have enough weapons on offense to make a dent in Georgia’s defense though. 6. Ohio State vs. 21. Fresno State Ohio State has a track record of not showing up against inferior opponents. Fresno State will put up a fight but ultimately Ohio State wins. 7. Michigan vs 20. Syracuse Michigan beat Notre Dame by 7. Notre Dame beat Syracuse by 33. Michigan wins by 40. 8. UCF vs. 19. Texas A&M UCF lost to LSU which lost to Texas A&M. A&M wins. 9. Washington vs. 18. Mississippi State Nick Fitzgerald’s legs carry Mississippi State to the victory. 10. Florida vs. 17. Utah Florida has too much talent on defense. Florida wins. 11. LSU vs. 16. West Virginia Joe Burrow has shown that if he plays an average to a below-average defense he can shred it. West Virginia doesn’t even fit into that category. Without Will Grier LSU will win handily. 12. Penn State vs. 15. Texas Texas is back. 13. Washington State vs. 14. Kentucky Kentucky hasn’t seen an air raid offense in the run oriented SEC. Washington State will win.

We have 13 teams left so we have to have the lowest seeds remaining play each other. Winner gets Bama loser gets spared from Bama.

24. Iowa State vs. 19. Texas A&M Kendrick Rogers is for real. Kellen Mond will make the throws needed to win for A&M.

Round of 12

1. Alabama vs. 19. Texas A&M Alabama already beat them. 2. Clemson vs. 18. Mississippi State Clemson wins. 4. Oklahoma vs. 15. Texas Oklahoma is the better team. OU in a shootout. 5. Georgia vs. 13. Washington State Georgia wins. 6. Ohio State vs. 11. LSU Haskins is better than Burrow. 7. Michigan vs. 10. Florida Florida already won.

Round of 6 NFL Wild Card Style.

4. Oklahoma vs. 10. Florida Feliepe Franks isn’t an accurate QB. OU wins. 5. Georgia vs. 6. Ohio State Georgia’s running back will gash an Ohio State defense that is built on nothing but a pass rush.


1. Alabama vs. 5. Georgia Alabama already beat them. 2. Clemson vs. 4. Oklahoma Clemson would beat up OU.

This one failed.

Every Conference Champion Qualifies (We don’t want the Sun Belt to be filled with rage).

Round of 10

1. Alabama vs. NR Northern Illinois University Alabama should win. 2. Clemson vs. NR UAB Clemson should win. 4. Oklahoma vs. NR Appalachian State App State has a way of upsetting higher ranked teams. But Oklahoma will win. 6. Ohio State vs. 21. Fresno State Ohio State will win. 8. UCF vs. 9. Washington Washington wins with defense.

Elimination Game

6. Ohio State vs. 9. Washington Ohio State already won.


1. Alabama vs. 6. Ohio State Alabama wins. 2. Clemson vs. 4. Oklahoma Clemson.

I have failed.

A 48 Team Playoff with the other 23 teams being either conference champions, conference championship participants, or have 9 or wins. (FCS is included) The committee decided that more football is good for sales. So they decided to go all out. They even let FCS be included because there are good FCS teams.

1. Alabama vs. 48. Kennesaw State I don’t even know where Kennesaw State is. Alabama wins. 2. Clemson vs. 47. Marshall Clemson will only need to worry about the pass rush of Marshall’s. Clemson wins. 3. Notre Dame vs. 46. FIU Notre Dame wins. 4. Oklahoma vs. 45. North Texas OU wins. 5. Georgia vs. 44. SDSU Georgia wins. 6. Ohio State vs. 43. Weber State Mike Weber will rush for over 100 yards. OSU wins. 7. Michigan vs. 42. Troy Troy beat Nebraska by 5. Michigan beat them by 46. Michigan wins. 8. UCF vs. 41. Eastern Washington UCF wins. 9. Washington vs. 40. Utah State UW wins. 10. Florida vs. 39. Colgate Florida wins. 11. LSU vs. 38. Army Army was the best defense OU faced all season holding them to 28 points in overtime. Army’s triple-option attack will keep LSU off balance. Army wins. 12. Penn State vs. 37. Memphis Penn State wins. 13. Washington State vs. 36. NDSU WSU wins. 14. Kentucky vs. 35. NIU Kentucky wins. 15. Texas vs. 34. Louisiana Texas is back. 16. West Virginia vs. 33. Middle Tennessee No Will Grier means no victory for WVU. 17. Utah vs. 32. Pitt Utah wins. 18. Mississippi State vs. 31. App State MSU will win with Nick Fitzgerald’s legs. 19. Texas A&M vs. 30. Cincinnati A&M wins. 20. Syracuse vs. 29. NC State Syracuse already won. 21. Fresno State vs. 28. Stanford Fresno State wins. 22. Northwestern vs. 27. Oregon A tight one but since Justin Herbert is the better QB Oregon will win. 23. Missouri vs. 26. Iowa Missouri beat Purdue by 3. Iowa lost to Purdue by 2. Missouri wins 24. Iowa State vs. 25. Boise State In the GAME OF THE CENTURY Iowa State barely squeaks by a good Boise State team.

Round of 24

1. Alabama vs. 38. Army Army plays everyone close but Tua will be too much for Army. 2. Clemson vs. 33. Middle Tennesse Clemson will beat Middle Tennesse because their offense is not good and Clemson’s defense is great. 3. Notre Dame vs. 27. Oregon Notre Dame beat Stanford and Oregon lost to Stanford so Notre Dame wins. 4. Oklahoma vs. 24. Iowa State OU already beat them. 5. Georgia vs. 23. Missouri Georgia already beat them. 6. Ohio State vs. 21. Fresno State OSU wins. 7. Michigan vs. 20. Syracuse Michigan by 40. 8. UCF vs. 19. Texas A&M Kellen to Kendrick > Darriel to Davis 9. Washington vs. 18. Mississippi State This could be the Cheez-it Bowl. Both teams have great defenses but not good offenses. UW because of Myles Gaskin and Austin Bryant. 10. Florida vs. 17. Utah Florida wins. 12. Penn State vs. 15. Texas Texas is still back. 13. Washington State vs. 14. Kentucky Benny Snell will run wild. Josh Allen will get some sacks to stop WSU air attack.

Round of 12

1. Alabama vs. 19. Texas A&M Alabama already beat them. 2. Clemson vs. 15. Texas Texas is no longer back. (Moment of silence) 3. Notre Dame vs. 14. Kentucky Notre Dame is lucky that Kentucky has Tyler Wilson as their starting QB. If they had a good QB it would be another 30-3 debacle. Instead, Kentucky lets them down gently 17-3. 4. Oklahoma vs. 10. Florida Florida lost to Georgia. OU technically beat Georgia because of the transitive win property. (Georgia is the better team but that’s the property works). OU wins. 5. Georgia vs. 9. Washington Georgia wins. 6. Ohio State vs. 7. Michigan Ohio State already beat them. (bad)

NFL Wild card style

4. Oklahoma vs. 14. Kentucky OU wins. 5. Georgia vs. 6. Ohio State Georgia wins.


1. Alabama vs. 5. Georgia Alabama already beat them. 2. Clemson vs. 4. Oklahoma Clemson.



In conclusion it isn’t possible to prevent the two best teams from playing each other.

I have one more but it is another article by itself.

NFL Wild Card Preview

With the first round of the playoffs set to start this weekend here is a preview of what to expect. (Including expert predictions)

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Why the Texans will win: Deshaun Watson and Deandre Hopkins have connected 115 times this season. J.J. Watt and the defense could force just enough pressure to force Andrew Luck into a critical mistake. Also, they are at home. Why the Colts will win: They are the hottest team in the NFL right now going 9-1 in their last 10 games. Darius Leonard has transformed the defense. Andrew Luck is the comeback player of the year. Coworker’s prediction: Texans My prediction: Colts

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Why the Cowboys will win: The defense can and will make enough plays to bail out a mostly listless offense. Amari Cooper will catch enough deep bombs to give Dallas the edge. Why the Seahawks will win: Dak Prescott doesn’t scare anybody with his arm and Seattle can stop his legs. Russell Wilson will carry the team on his back for the victory. Coworker’s prediction: Cowboys My prediction: Seahawks

LA Chargers at Baltimore Ravens Why the Ravens will win: Lamar Jackson.┬áThe Chargers have to fly across the country for a game that starts at 10:05 their time. The Ravens won in LA a couple of weeks ago. Why the Chargers will win: They are good. They have Melvin Gordon and Joey Bosa. Keenan Allen is the best route-runner. Coworker’s prediction: Ravens My prediction: Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles at Chicago Bears Why the Bears will win: Khalil Mack and their defense. Why the Eagles will win: Nick Foles magic. Coworker’s prediction: Bears My prediction: Bears

CFP Confusion

In the CFP semifinals, there were two blowouts Clemson beat Norte Dame 30-3 and Alabama went up 28-0 and the game was pretty much over. This has caused some outrage about putting “the four best teams” in the playoffs. Let’s look at the case for and against a team being put in the playoff. I will not talk about Alabama and Clemson since they clearly belonged in the playoff.

The case for Georgia: Georgia beat multiple teams in the top 25 including Kentucky and Florida. Those teams ranked 14th and 10th respectively. They put up the biggest fight any team ever did against Alabama. Nick Saban even said he didn’t want to play them again.

The case against Georgia: The way they played against Texas seriously undermines their efforts to claim the 4 seed. They got wrecked by LSU and blew a big lead against Alabama. If they had thrashed the Longhorns they could have given a big statement. However, Kansas gave Texas a better game.

The case for Ohio State: Ohio State had the best passing attack in the country. Dwayne Haskins threw for 50 touchdowns this year. As a conference champion, they should be in the playoff. They were beating Washington 28-3 with 12:18 to play.

The case against Ohio State: Washington came back as THE Ohio State just waited for the game to end. The final score was 28-23. They lost to Purdue by 29. They lost to Auburn by 49. They lost by 6 to Tennessee. They lost by 26 to West Virginia. They lost by 3 to OU. They lost to Alabama by 11. That means That Alabama beat them by 124.

The case for UCF: They were our self proclaimed national champions. They should be in the playoff instead of playing some SEC scrub team.

The case against UCF: The SEC scrub team played their 4th string DBS and still beat UCF. UCF’s defense couldn’t stop a QB who had looked like garbage the whole year.

The case for Norte Dame: They were undefeated and going undefeated means something.

The case against Norte Dame: They lost by 27 in the semifinal. Their best wins were Northwestern by 10 (Ohio State beat them by 21). They beat Michigan by 7 (Ohio State beat them by 23). They beat Pitt by 5. (UCF won by 31). By these scores it is clear that they don’t have the talent to compete with the big boys.

The case for Oklahoma: Kyler Murray and their explosive offense.

The case against Oklahoma: The BIG 12 does not play defense. Alabama will surely destroy a team that only dropped 28 on army the best defense they played all year.

Clearly there was no right way for the committee to go on this one.