CFP Confusion

In the CFP semifinals, there were two blowouts Clemson beat Norte Dame 30-3 and Alabama went up 28-0 and the game was pretty much over. This has caused some outrage about putting “the four best teams” in the playoffs. Let’s look at the case for and against a team being put in the playoff. I will not talk about Alabama and Clemson since they clearly belonged in the playoff.

The case for Georgia: Georgia beat multiple teams in the top 25 including Kentucky and Florida. Those teams ranked 14th and 10th respectively. They put up the biggest fight any team ever did against Alabama. Nick Saban even said he didn’t want to play them again.

The case against Georgia: The way they played against Texas seriously undermines their efforts to claim the 4 seed. They got wrecked by LSU and blew a big lead against Alabama. If they had thrashed the Longhorns they could have given a big statement. However, Kansas gave Texas a better game.

The case for Ohio State: Ohio State had the best passing attack in the country. Dwayne Haskins threw for 50 touchdowns this year. As a conference champion, they should be in the playoff. They were beating Washington 28-3 with 12:18 to play.

The case against Ohio State: Washington came back as THE Ohio State just waited for the game to end. The final score was 28-23. They lost to Purdue by 29. They lost to Auburn by 49. They lost by 6 to Tennessee. They lost by 26 to West Virginia. They lost by 3 to OU. They lost to Alabama by 11. That means That Alabama beat them by 124.

The case for UCF: They were our self proclaimed national champions. They should be in the playoff instead of playing some SEC scrub team.

The case against UCF: The SEC scrub team played their 4th string DBS and still beat UCF. UCF’s defense couldn’t stop a QB who had looked like garbage the whole year.

The case for Norte Dame: They were undefeated and going undefeated means something.

The case against Norte Dame: They lost by 27 in the semifinal. Their best wins were Northwestern by 10 (Ohio State beat them by 21). They beat Michigan by 7 (Ohio State beat them by 23). They beat Pitt by 5. (UCF won by 31). By these scores it is clear that they don’t have the talent to compete with the big boys.

The case for Oklahoma: Kyler Murray and their explosive offense.

The case against Oklahoma: The BIG 12 does not play defense. Alabama will surely destroy a team that only dropped 28 on army the best defense they played all year.

Clearly there was no right way for the committee to go on this one.


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